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Residential Leasing Manager

The Leasing Manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the leasing department.  This includes being responsible for all leasing transactions, including new leases and renewals, as well as minimizing the vacancies through marketing and advertising in accordance with companies procedures and standards. The Leasing Manager also provides supervisory oversight to the leasing staff and supports the in-house leasing brokers and outside agents. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Leasing Manager’s duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Overseeing the marketing and advertising of vacancies on media/advert channels to attract potential tenants
  • Running background checks on potential tenants to evaluate their credit status and criminal records to determine if they are eligible occupy a building
  • Overseeing the processing and approval of client applications and lease documents
  • Elaborating the terms of lease, rental rate and period of payment to tenants
  • Negotiating rents for new deals and renewals
  • Managing rental listings including the company’s website and outside advertising website/firms
  • Guiding the activities and operations of a leasing team to ensure revenue goals are achieved
  • Conducting survey of the property market to obtain information on competing lease rates and other trends that affect occupancy/rent
  • Overseeing the designation of leads to the in-house brokers
  • Overseeing the apartment key inventory
  • Ensuring the proper documentation and storage of leasing files
  • Assist with recruitment and training of new rental agents to keep pace with office growth
  • Reporting directly to the senior officers of the firm and be responsible for ensuring that the leasing business plan is consistent with the company’s objectives.


Special Projects:

  • As assigned b the Director of Leasing, Chief Operating Officer and/or Owner.


Only qualified candidates will be considered.
Please submit Resume in A WORD DOCUMENT
Please let us know if you are available on Skype and or FaceTime.
Please no phone calls.