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Compliance Director

Compliance Director

Reports to the Chief Operating Officer

Overview: The compliance director is responsible for ensuring regulatory and program compliance with federal, state and local rules and regulations regarding all affordable housing programs in connection with all managed properties. The compliance director has a fiduciary duty to protect the financial integrity and reputation of the company and its managed properties. This position will work remotely 50% of the time.

Supervises: The property manager in connection with affordable housing compliance matters.

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Understand financial goals of the assets and operate in owner’s best interest.
  • Maximize rent increases.
  • Ensure that all subsidies, rents, fees, and other charges are being billed accurately.
  • Liaise with the A/R and legal department to ensure that legal courses of action are in the best interest of the asset.
  • Knowledge of Yardi a plus



  • Research and monitor regulations, rule updates, and regulatory changes pertaining to HUD, Section 8, LIHTC, RAP, 421A, and any other low income program in place at managed properties. Attend seminars, courses and maintain all certifications current.
  • Create, maintain and administer internal compliance programs designed to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local housing rules, regulations, and laws.
  • Conduct internal compliance reviews through file audits and analysis and report findings to higher management/ownership; complete and present audit and analysis reports with findings including but not limited to, recommended corrective action to higher management/ownership.
  • Track timely receipt and accurate corrections of identified file issues by conducting internal audits of outstanding or incomplete certifications and provide supervisor with a valid reason for untimely certifications.
  • Conduct audit of all annuals, interims, unit transfers, move-ins/outs, gross rents, terminations, (all 50059 and Tenant Income Certification paperwork).
  • Track key dates and deadlines for all subsidy contracts and agreements.
  • Coordinate and facilitate external reporting and responses to outside parties, including filings and submittals to various housing authorities, i.e., HUD, state, and/or local agencies. Maintain detailed and accurate records of aforementioned reports and responses.
  • Assist in preparing sites for agency reviews i.e., LIHTC reviews, MOR, investor site reviews, housing inspections, REAC inspections,

Resident Retention:

  • Maintain a positive customer service attitude.
  • Maintain open lines of communications with government agencies and residents.
  • Make self-available to property managers and provide guidance as needed.


Personnel Management:

  • Communicate and provide support to property managers, encourage team work and lead by example.
  • Provide training, as needed, for property managers.
  • Provide comprehensive feedback on non-performing property managers.




Only qualified candidates will be considered.
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