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To $165K

New York

Senior Commercial NYC Portfolio Manager

Position Objective: to direct and manage all operations and capex activities professionally and ethically through strong leadership and sound decision making. Effective performance of this position results in: high level performance of all superintendents, building staff, third party security staff, and maintenance contractors – as well as the lowest possible prices paid for vendor, supplier, and contractor service. This position oversees the training schedule of all in-house staff with the specific goal of maximum use of in-house personnel and minimal outside contractors. Reports to the Director of Property Management.

  • Responsible for all supervision of building staff – including both commercial and residential properties; janitorial, cleaning, maintenance – this includes union/non union, superintendents, porters, starters, mechanics
  • Responsible for all security staff supervision
  • Co-manages with the Tenant Relations Manager (and directs the superintendent) the security access card/fob system
  • Coordinates all training for superintendents including:
    • Online & in-house
    • Vendor presentations (plumbing, fire and life safety, etc.,)
  • Directs/distributes the superintendent requirement to complete the ‘Conflict of Interest ‘form and ‘annual ethics form’
  • Update Operations Manual
    • Directs superintendents to maintain and update same
  • Directs purchasing and competitive bidding of supplies through approved vendors and suppliers who give the lowest unit pricing
  • Analyzes proposals and cost of services on a unit cost basis whenever possible.
    • Supervise superintendent purchases cleaning products, restroom paper, tools, etc., from pre-approved vendors with unit cost agreements
  • Approves weekly payroll
    • Superintendents prepare and manage electronic time sheets
  • Maintains Paychex Time & Attendance On Line electronic time sheets
  • Assists RedEye (IT vendor) work for building staff PCs
  • Directs Workspeed and its use by the Superintendents
    • Supervise superintendents use of Workspeed to respond to tenant work requests for lease-stipulated work and above lease work requests
    • Assists lease administration and tenant relations with Tenant Charge Backs (“TCB’s”)
  • Prepare annual budget for each property and explain monthly variances
  • Review and approve invoices received on daily basis to facilitate payment to vendors
  • Building staffing
    • Interviews and hires building staff – subject to the approval by the Director of Property Management
    • Monitors all staff issues and employees on a daily basis
    • Monitors and maintains all supplies purchased by staff for use in buildings
    • Manages uniform purchases and staff presentation
  • Buildings
  • Monitors and inspects electrical and plumbing issues that occur at all facilities
  • Monitors and remedies tenant issues (assists leasing agent & tenant relations manager)
  • Inspects all buildings for conditions that need attention
  • Must fully understand all building systems at each building (electric, steam, plumbing, sprinkler/standpipe, etc
  • Perform daily curb appeal inspection at each property
  • Ensure that all staff are wearing approved uniforms at all times
  • Monitors fire and life safety inspections of all Class E, sprinkler systems and valves and standpipe systems
  • Maintains the Fire & Life Safety Plan and EAP and ensures that the property is in all compliance (works with our Compliance Manager)
  • Assists in violation removal
  • Inspects and ensures that all security systems (CCTV, door releases, card readers, etc) are in good working order
  • Vendor Management
    • Maintains vendor relations
    • Obtains three (3) bids for work (except for emergency situations) with superintendent’s assistance
  • Tasks as assigned by the Director of Property Management
  • Obtains all compliance documents (tenant and vendor Certificates of Insurance) in conjunction with Compliance Manager
  • Reviews all proposed tenant work and monitors it to see that it is completed correctly
  • Assists with Construction team known as “Route Crew” which performs LL work.
  • Handles all capex (except LL11) work & project scheduling
  • Works with lease administration to ensure that lease terms are being followed
  • Follows up on tenant arrears
  • Assists leasing agent in renting space and keeping existing tenants satisfied
  • Be responsible for multiple buildings


Ideal candidate will have:

  • Minimum of five (5) years of experience
  • Property management designations (i.e. CPM/RPA, etc) and desire to attain FLSD
  • Supervised multiple properties at the same time
  • Ability to maintain composure at all times
  • Ability to work well with all kinds of personalities
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to see things through to completion
  • No hesitation to say that “I do not know” but will find out the answer
  • Integrity
  • Initiative
  • 24/7/365 availability to respond to emergencies by phone or email

Only qualified candidates will be considered.
Please submit Resume in A WORD DOCUMENT
Please let us know if you are available on Skype and or FaceTime.
Please no phone calls.